Early Intervention Program

BELLS: Building Early Learner Life Skills

Introducing our new program designed to meet needs of children ages 2-4 years old who benefit from a highly structured environment, have limited interest in interacting with peers, prefer to play alone, and have limited communication skills.

Developed by Dr. Michelle Hintz (psychologist) and Dr. Danyel Hen (BCBA), the BELLS program embodies a powerful integration of evidence-based practices in applied behavior analysis (ABA) and the profound insights of developmental psychology.

Each child’s unique program is meticulously tailored to align with their development across critical domains: cognitive, language, motor, sensory, and social-emotional development. This ensures that every aspect of their growth is nurtured and maximized, making it a compelling solution for both parents and therapists seeking comprehensive, individualized support for children’s holistic development.

BELLS program

At its core, BELLS incorporates key principles of ABA, with a dynamic blend of two essential techniques: Discrete Trial Teaching (DTT) and Natural Environment Teaching (NET). NET is a revolutionary instructional method that immerses children in their natural surroundings, aligning seamlessly with their preferences and everyday experiences. DTT, on the other hand, offers a structured approach, systematically deconstructing complex skills into manageable steps, guiding children towards their ultimate goals. In addition, positive behavioral intervention and supports (PBIS) encompasses clear expectations, self-regulation strategies, visual schedules, environmental adaptions, and the power of positive reinforcement.

In addition, music therapy and art therapy interventions are an essential part of the overall daily schedule. The creative arts component of the BELLS program nurtures language development, cultivates social reciprocity, and teaches pre-academic skills, laying a strong foundation for their future academic success and overall growth.


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