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Douglas R. (attorney)

Michelle puts children first and handles high conflict situations adeptly.

Judith M. (licensed psychologist)

Dr. Hintz is a very knowledgeable and talented psychologist and music therapist. She is a dedicated professional and caring person. I recommend her without hesitation.

Warren G. licensed mental health counselor)

Michelle is an extremely competent and caring clinician who attends to her business matters with the same compassion and level headedness that she gives to her patients.

Michael C. (Client)

Been with this practice for many years. The center has great experience in dealing with multiple insurance companies. The therapist is compassionate and has helped in multiple areas. I have recommended others here and have heard positive feedback from all.

Secil R (client)

We have been visiting Cadenza Center over a month. I am very impressed with their service. I had some struggles with my insurance and they been helping me from the very beginning to resolve the issues. I love Xochi who is the scheduling coordinator. We also love our therapist Ms. Ashley! Ms. Arille also was very very helpful. And yes we love her too. Everyone is very kind and attentive.

Tiffany A (client)

I have to start off with saying that the whole team is amazing! they've been so helpful with any questions I've had, very responsive and professional. I love that when I've had to call back they handled it very effectively. I found Cadenza at a time in my life when I really needed it and felt that life was a lot! I love my therapist and highly recommend them to anyone.

Kyesha M (Client)

My experience here has been amazing The front desk representatives are very nice helpful and welcoming. If I have any issues in regards to appointments or insurance they help me resolve it in a timely manner. Also my therapist Maria is super nice seeing her has made my life less stressful. Overall the place is so relaxing and welcoming

Lauri S. (Parent, licensed Psychotherapist)

I highly recommend Dr. Michelle Hintz to anyone that has a child struggling with anxiety, social issues, parent conflicts and more. Dr. Hintz was able to help my child feel like she was “normal”, not alone and my child is thriving.

Cate C (Parent)

Both of my children have Autism and have been with Cadenza for over 9 years! During their time there they have received psychotherapy, music therapy, art and drama therapies and also have been involved with their social groups! My son is currently receiving ABA therapy at Cadenza and is making huge improvements. Both of my children have amazing rapports with Dr. Hintz, her therapists and also the office staff! We have had years with nothing but amazing experiences with this team! Dr. Hintz has worked diligently and has successfully convinced our insurance company to cover the services that my children require! She has attended my children's IEPs and has been an amazing advocate! There is no place I trust more with my children's mental, emotional and behavioral care than Cadenza!

Carol P

Dr. Michelle Hintz has worked with my daughter for several years now. She has seen us through medication changes, diagnosis changes, frustrations and residential care. She has been wonderful, both for my daughter and for me. She never gave up, as others had. When I first interviewed Dr. Hintz years ago, I was looking for someone with experience with violent outburst in young children, someone I could connect with who was empathetic to my situation, and someone who would commit to a long term relationship. It would take my daughter a year of weekly therapy sessions just to begin communicating. After interviewing several other therapists, I met Dr. Hintz. I was instantly at ease, and impressed with her strength and convictions. My daughter was often non- communicative, oppositional, reactionary and had outbursts of violent behavior. She had few, if any, friends, and no patience with others. She was quite an intimidating little girl and I didn’t know how to respond to her. Dr. Hintz navigated us through a process that has brought us to the good place we are now. We are doing very well, and I hardly remember those early years of constant conflict and confusion. We have found a path that works, a school that works and my daughter now has several friends. She has matured and I have support and advice when needed. I have recommended Dr. Hintz to several people whose children had behavioral issues, and will continue to do so

Elizabeth P. licensed marriage and family therapist

Dr. Hintz exemplifies the word "professional" when it comes to working with her patients and families. In addition, her relationship with supervisors, colleagues and students demonstrated leadership skills beyond what was expected of her. Dr. Hintz's high standards and expectations of herself (and her work) far exceed any that would be placed on her by others. I was privileged to have worked with her at Miami Children's Hospital and observed her clinical skills directly. Dr. Hintz's versatility in her therapeutic style reaches children and adults of all ages. Her training as a Music Therapist along with her knowledge and skills as a Clinical Psychologist is an asset for any organization and/or individual seeking her services. In addition, her work with children with pervasive developmental disorders was exceptional. Children who had never been able to communicate needs or feelings to their parents learned to do so with Dr. Hintz's multi-modal therapies.


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