Parent Training

Parent Training

Through parent training, parents and caregivers can gain insight into their child’s condition and learn ways to cope and manage stress. Parent training can also help parents better understand their child’s needs, and build on their strengths in order to promote positive behavior change. Ultimately, parent training can lead to improved outcomes for children as well as better relationships between parents and their children.

The benefits of parent training include:

  • Improved child behavior by learning to effectively manage and reduce problem behaviors such as aggression, tantrums, and noncompliance.
  • Enhanced parent-child relationship and building a stronger, more positive relationship with your child, which can lead to better communication and a more supportive home environment.
  • Increased parental confidence and competence in your role as a parent, which can lead to improved self-esteem and reduced stress.
  • Improved child development by promoting your child’s development in areas such as language, social skills, and academic achievement.
  • Greater family stability by improving the quality of parent-child interactions, reducing stress and conflict within the family, and promoting a more positive and supportive home environment.


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