Is Your Child’s Report Card a Cause for Concern? Exploring Psychoeducational Evaluations at Cadenza Center

If your child’s report card raises concerns about your child’s academic success, you are not alone. Receiving a poor report card often leaves parents wondering why their child is struggling in school and what they can do to help them succeed. There is a solution. Getting your child a psychoeducational evaluation might just be the essential tool needed to understand and address these challenges and may offer a path to understanding and addressing the underlying issues contributing to academic struggles.

Why Are Report Cards Important?


Report cards provide a comprehensive snapshot of a child’s academic performance, highlighting strengths and areas that need improvement, enabling parents and teachers to identify potential issues early, determine areas of need, and determine possible supports. Yet, report cards may not always provide a comprehensive picture of your child’s needs. When you notice persistent academic struggles, a decline in grades, or other concerns about your child’s learning, it may be time to consider a Psychoeducational Evaluation. At the Cadenza Center, these evaluations are specifically designed for children aged 5 and older, offering a more in-depth understanding of their cognitive and academic abilities.

Our evaluations are accepted by school administration because we use the very same assessment tools used by school psychologists. School Psychologists cannot diagnose, we can!


Private psychoeducational evaluations provide a comprehensive assessment of your child’s learning and development. A private psychoeducational evaluation often far exceeds those done by the school psychologist and in less time. An independent and comprehensive assessment of a child’s specific learning needs often uncovers underlying challenges that may not be identified in a school’s evaluation. This detailed evaluation can serve as valuable supporting documentation when advocating for accommodations in a public school, whether through a 504 plan or an Individual Education Plan (IEP), ensuring that the child receives the tailored support they require.

When children receive a poor report card, parents often feel a mix of disappointment, concern, and worry about their child’s future. They may also think about what steps they need to take to support their child’s academic improvement and well-being. If your child’s report card has raised concerns, don’t wait. By addressing common concerns and focusing on the long-term benefits of psychoeducational evaluations, you can empower yourself as a parent to advocate for your child’s educational needs. Remember that every child has unique potential, and with the right support, they can overcome obstacles and thrive in the classroom. We can help.

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