New Year, New Beginnings – Early Intervention Matters: Matthew’s Story

As we embark on a new year, parents often reflect on their child’s growth and development. For Sarah, a mother at the start of her journey, discovering that early intervention significantly impacts a child’s developmental trajectory became a game-changer. Sarah noticed that Matthew, her 3 year-old son, was struggling with communication and social interactions, prompting her to seek medical advice and support.

Matthew’s pediatrician stated that he was in good health and cleared him of any underlying medical conditions. It was recommended that he be monitored for 6 months to see if the concerns dissipated. Sarah was not satisfied with that answer and began asking friends and family for advice. Someone suggested that she talk to a child psychologist and this turned out to be one of the best decisions she made.

Sarah and her husband met with the child psychologist about his infancy, his development, the home environment, and medical history. A recommendation was made for Matthew to receive a comprehensive developmental evaluation. Taking such a big step seemed overwhelming, but Sarah needed reassurance that Matthew was going to be okay.

After a week of testing appointments, observations, and completion of several questionnaires, Sarah’s concerns were validated. Matthew was diagnosed with a developmental delay and a comprehensive treatment plan was developed. Referrals to speech therapy, occupational therapy, and behavior therapy were made. Within two months, Matthew began participating in therapies and almost immediately showed progress in communication, behavior, and social interest. Matthew looked forward to going to the therapy center every day, he made friends, and he hugged his therapists. His parents participated in weekly meetings to review progress, gain insight into treatment strategies, and were prepared for possible next steps.

Matthew’s story is common. After 6 months of intensive treatment, Matthew still has some developmental gaps, but he is happier, more active, and making progress every week. Early intervention makes a tremendous impact on a child’s life. His parents are more confident that he will be able to attend a typical VPK program in the fall.

Sarah’s Experience: Sarah shares, “The new year felt like a fresh start, and I wanted the best for Matthew. Recognizing the signs early and getting the guidance from the child psychologist  gave us the confidence to make key decisions about his therapy. We are glad we didn’t wait.”

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